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Unsafe Worksite Conditions

Posted by on Oct 21, 2014

Cracks, fissures, unexplained debris, water damage. These are all indications that a structure’s integrity has been compromised and that the building may collapse at any time. A construction company or contractor bringing people in to work on such a building should take the time to determine whether it is safe to work in and not let pressure to get the job done supersede this duty of care.

But that is what happened on a demolition job in Harlem, where one worker inside the building which was already showing significant cracks was crushed when the floor above him suddenly collapsed as he was working on a wall with a sledge hammer. The 69-year-old worker sustained severe head injuries and died instantly as the building literally fell on him. The contractor had known about the cracks, and had already been cited for the lack of safety gear worn on the work site. Not that a hardhat would have been of any use to the unfortunate worker, who should not have been working in the building in the first place.

Such accidents are not uncommon in the construction industry, and with New York City cutting down on its building inspection budget, more are likely to occur. It is estimated that with the current number of construction sites in the city, it will take the remaining inspectors more than 100 years to thoroughly inspect each and every site.

It is the responsibility of contractors and the construction companies to make sure that their worksites are safe for workers as well as the general public even if they are not inspected by the city regulators. It is just more practical because when a worker or member of the public is injured or killed because of a preventable accident, they are liable for it.

If you have been seriously injured in a construction accident, chances are you are eligible for compensation. Find a good New York construction accident lawyer and make your claim.

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