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Reconstruction of the Breast through Cosmetic Surgery after a Dog Bite

Posted by on Aug 14, 2013

Breast augmentation or a “boob job” is often undergone for aesthetic reasons, and breast implants have become more natural-looking with improved procedures. In most cases, this is considered an elective procedure and not recommended for young girls. However, according to the website of plastic surgeons Bergman Folkers Cosmetic Surgery, there are some instances breast augmentation may be necessary to rectify the damage done from an injury such as a dog bite.

Dog bite injuries often have serious consequences. When serious enough, it can cause motion problems, permanent disfigurement and emotional trauma. While a dog bite to the breast may be uncommon among adults, children are more likely to be bitten in the chest area which may involve nipple damage. In a young girl, such a disfigurement can affect later physical development, which in turn can lead to feelings of inadequacy and unattractiveness. Surgical procedures to repair the damage, which may or may not include breast augmentation, would go a long way to addressing these issues. In such cases, it may be necessary to also have a breast lift (breast mastopexy) to make sure that the positioning of the nipple as well as the shape of the breast looks natural.

When injury to the breast in an adult results from an animal attack, it may very well involve significant tissue damage that may take several procedures to correct. The costs associated with repairing breast damage due to a dog bite may be prohibitive. If the dog bite was due to the negligence of the dog owner, it may be necessary to recover damages through a personal injury lawsuit to pay for the reconstructive surgery.

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