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About 11 Million Cars Equipped with Volkswagen’s “Defeat Device” to be Recalled Worldwide

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016

The issue of emissions fraud involving German car manufacturer Volkswagen which started in the US has now spread to other countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, and even in Germany itself. The use of diesel, which is acknowledged as a gas that is more pollutant and damaging to health than gasoline, can be a legitimate issue for discussion and basis of billions of dollars in fines and compensation; however, rather than the use of diesel, the actual legal concern is centered on the fraudulent means used by Volkswagen to pass tests conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be able to penetrate the US car industry.

A Volkswagen emissions lawyer would tell you that the sad fate now faced by Volkswagen cars, originally advertised as clean and environmentally-friendly substitutes to vehicles with gasoline engines, is car recalls that number in the millions. In the US, cars equipped with the “defeat device,” which enabled Volkswagen to cheat emissions tests, number close to half a million; in the whole of Europe, about 11 million cars are said to be equipped with the said computer software.

According to the EPA, the “defeat device” allows a Volkswagen diesel car to recognize test scenarios and automatically put the vehicle into safe mode if it does so. This means that once in safe mode, the device makes the vehicle run below its normal power and performance and, more importantly, reduces its emission of nitrogen oxide (NOx), a major factor in the formation of ground level ozone or smog. Once back on the road, though, the engine switches out of test mode and runs under normal power, under which it emits pollutants that are up to 40% higher than the level allowed by the EPA.

While it may be true that Volkswagen’s claimed “clean diesel” cars have lower carbon emissions and ensure up to 30% fuel efficiency or gas mileage, it is also a fact these emit nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter which are more damaging to health.

Clearly, this is not the type of a “clean diesel” car that customers thought they would get to own. Those who have been duped by Volkswagen can maybe file a lawsuit against this German car maker for the justice that may be due them.

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