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Medical Malpractice through Hospital Negligence

Posted by on May 18, 2015

Health care professionals go through long and rigorous training and tests before earning a license which will let them practice their profession, which is treating illnesses and keeping people in good health. To be able to continuously provide the best care, though, these health experts still continue to attend programs and further studies to learn more about what the best doctors have already known ahead of them.

For the same purpose of providing the highest quality of care to patients, owners of different types of medical facilities, especially big and reputedly good hospitals, make sure that they have only the best doctors, dedicated and highly-qualified nurses, medical technicians and other hospital staff, and modern medical devices that will help improve and hasten service, diagnose illnesses correctly and provide timely treatment.

To a number of health care professionals and hospitals, the above statements are facts; to others, though, providing quality care remains to be a goal that they are yet to perform or achieve. The failure to provide the quality of care that patients are entitled to is verifiable through the thousands of medical malpractice cases which, in 2010, claimed the lives of 180,000 Medicare patients (figure from the Office of Inspector General for Health and Human Services). This number, however, is far from reality, according to a study that was published in the Journal of Patient Safety. According to the study, the number of deaths could very well have been between 210,000 and 440,000 since so many cases were never reported.

Patients have the right to accurate diagnosis, timely treatment, correct medication and safe surgical procedures, if ever one becomes necessary. In quite a lot instances, however, patients rather end up suffering harm than receiving the treatment that he/she direly needs. The reason? Medical malpractice; and its most common cause is hospital negligence.

Medical malpractice is totally preventable, no question about it. Yet, despite the many mistakes already committed and the harm these have caused in patients, the same errors are still committed in hospitals: giving a patient the wrong medication or the wrong dose of medicine; performing a surgery that is actually not necessary; operating on the wrong part of the body; subjecting the wrong patient to surgery; accidentally leaving a s surgical instrument inside the body of a patient; amputating the wrong limb; causing infection due to use of unsterilized surgical instruments; incorrect dose of anesthesia; failure to properly monitor a patient; and so forth.

People who suffer greater or new health problems due to hospital errors (committed by doctors, nurses or any other hospital employee) should pursue legal actions. While a lawsuit may entitle a person to receive compensation from the liable party (doctor or hospital), it will also help bring to the open the mistakes still being committed and maybe help protect anyone else seeking medical care from careless healthcare providers.

Victims of medical malpractice can seek the help of a Louisville lawyer for assistance with injuries that arise due to hospital negligence or other harmful mistakes made by hospital staff.

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